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Business can be a force

for good. We're a social

enterprise, which means we

put purpose before profit.


We stock the most eco +

ethical products we can find.

And while we're organic -

because it's better for the

bugs + soil - we try hard to

be affordable, too (think

mid-priced supermarket).


Why? Gather isn't here to

make a quick buck. We want

to make a difference.

As far as possible, we buy

from other little UK brands

also trying to do business

better. (We love it when

we're on first-name terms.)


With no bulghur growing on

Bellenden or rice paddies

on the Rye, sometimes we

have to look further afield for

sure. That's just reality; and

we're still super choosy.


If you think we've missed a

more local choice, tell us

and we'll check it out.

Our passion for our purpose

doesn't stop at our products.

Except for the scoops, refill

dispensers + table legs, our

store furniture is repurposed

seconds. All the wood was

scrap, headed for the tip. Our electronics are proudly

pre-loved, too.


We bank ethically. Our

energy's 100% renewable.

Our only rubbish is a full

vacuum bag every couple of

months. And we never waste

food that's good to eat.

We don’t push perfection.

Yep, natural is better for the

planet - but 'zero waste' doesn't exist! Give yourself a break.

So, we offer better choices -

from wipes to wine - knowing

every switch adds up.

No-one's 'perfect'. Even us:

the store isn't vegan. A

handful of our products contain

(whisper it) plastic. And we

definitely don't live only on

refills (our packaged pantry

range has some real gems).

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