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Business can be a force for good. We're a social enterprise, which means we put purpose before profit. 


Gather isn't here to make a quick buck. We want to make a difference. Half our profits will go to our mission: protecting the planet. Think charity donations, community projects, that kind of thing. We pick the most eco and ethical brands we can find. And while we're organic - it's better for the bugs and soil - we try to be affordable, too.

We get our products from as nearby as poss. (We have some proper London gems.)


With no rice paddies on the Rye or bulghur growing on Bellenden, sometimes we have to go a bit further, for sure. Not everything we sell is from the UK, and we're okay with that. Those times, we're even more choosy: it's gotta be top notch. 


If you think we've missed a more local choice, tell us and we'll check it out.

Our passion for our purpose doesn't stop at our products.


Except for the scoops, refill dispensers and table legs, our store furniture is repurposed seconds. All the wood was scrap, headed for the tip. Our electronics are proudly pre-loved, too.


We bank ethically. Our energy is 100% renewable. Our only rubbish is a full vacuum bag every couple of months. And we never waste food that's good to eat. 

We don’t push perfection. Yeah, natural is better for the planet - but you can't be completely 'zero waste'. So give yourself a break. If we can help a lot of people make a small change, we’ll be super chuffed. 

Everything adds up, and even Gather isn't 'perfect'. The store isn't vegan. A handful of our products contain (whisper it) plastic. And our chocolate bars come wrapped in film (don't panic: it's compostable).

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