Businesses can be a force for good. We're a social enterprise, which means we put purpose (in our case, the planet) before profit. 


We’re not in this to make a quick buck, but to make a difference. At least half our profits will go into either growing our offer or donating to environmental charities. We only work with people who think the same way we do. And we'll always aim to be affordable.

We get all our products from as nearby as possible. 


Of course, with no rice paddies on the Rye or bee hives on Bellenden, sometimes we have to go a little farther. And w  e do stock a handful of products from abroad, but they have to be super special and have no equivalent in the UK. 


If you think we've missed a more local option, tell us and we'll put it right.  

Our passion for our purpose doesn't stop at our products.


Aside from the food dispensers and the odd table leg, our store furniture is  repurposed seconds (and we have the scars to prove it).


We bank ethically. Our energy is 100% renewable. We aim to be carbon neutral in year two. And we'll never throw away food that can be eaten.  

We don’t push perfection. Natural is better for the planet, but it's impossible to be completely zero waste. If we can help a lot of people make a small change, we’ll be happy. 


In fact, we're still on the journey ourselves. Our store isn’t vegan, a handful of the things we sell contain (whisper it) plastic and our ground coffee comes in packaging (although don't worry: it's compostable).

Gather is a social enterprise registered in England and Wales as We Are Gather Ltd, company number 11751750. VAT registered 320186340.  © We Are Gather Ltd 2019. All rights reserved.