Gather isn't the sort of store you open without a backstory


Gather was opened by Tash and Laura in July 2019, two locals passionate about low-impact living.


For Tash, things kicked off after she had a child. Being a parent made her think hard about her family's eco footprint. Then A Plastic Ocean really woke her up to the damage single-use plastic packaging was doing. So she decided to take a stand for her son's sake.


As for Laura, she was brought up in a home where the heating only went on when icicles had formed on your nose. But it wasn’t until she stumbled across Earth.Food.Love in Totnes that her eyes opened to a world of simple, affordable, sustainable products.

Lowering our impact was tough at first, but along the way we discovered the joy (yes, really) of plastic-free kitchen sponges, eating by the seasons and rifling through second-hand stores. Gather was born to help others in our community to do the same.

In late 2020 Laura moved on to pastures new, so Gather is now owned and run by Tash.

it's not about perfect 'zero waste'


You don't need to collect your yearly household waste in a 10 x 5cm jar. If you have a wormery in your garden, great, but no problem if you don't. And it's okay to take the odd flight in search of vitamin D.


This stuff is easier for some than others. So whatever point you're at on your journey towards a life of less waste, you'll find the store is a preach-free zone. ​

why reduce and reuse? (and all the other Rs)


Making small, everyday changes really can make a difference. A family of four switching to reusable water bottles would save 27 gallons of oil per year. Refilling your own containers at a bulk food store means less single-use packaging in the supply chain. And it’ll save you money, too.

good for the planet, good for you


And although that might seem small, it’s when we all gather together that the big changes start to come.


Together we can send a message to governments and big businesses - the key changemakers - who in turn can nudge entire communities into doing things differently.