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our choices matter. buy less, buy better - we'll show you how

Gather isn't the kind of store you open without a back story.


November 2016. Another all-nighter of Breaking Bad and scrolling the internet while clutching her newborn. Tash stumbled across the rabbit hole marked ‘single-use plastic’ - and fell in. Whoa. Hello, scary facts.


Tash realised Konmari'ing her clothes and turning the telly off standby wasn’t enough. The planet needs more action. But she'd no clue where to start, and life was plenty busy without adding 'fixing Earth' to the mix. It felt overwhelming. Sounding familiar?


we've lots of simple, better choices under one roof


Fast forward a year of ups and downs (here's a low: homemade toothpaste), and Tash had tips and tools that worked. She wanted to go bigger: to help others find them, too. Cue Gather.


We get geekily excited when we find a more eco option (a fave swap of Tash's is a plastic-free scourer). We love a supplier who'll refill their jars or drums, cutting packaging waste. And we do our homework: the brands we stock don't greenwash, and the products work. 'Cause no-one wants to be smelly while saving the planet - right?

Tash outside store 3.jpg
Spice unit_edited.jpg
think low waste, not ‘zero waste’


Pushing perfection isn’t helpful - so we don’t. Forget #shelfie dreams of matching containers, or collecting your yearly household waste in a jam jar (seriously?). Start small, and find simple swaps that work for you. As each swap sticks, the changes will ripple out.


We know this stuff's easier for some than others. So whatever point you're at, you'll find the store is a preach-free zone. 

why reduce and reuse? (and all the other Rs)


It's simple: the less we use, the better it is for the planet. And the problem's bigger than single-use plastic - humans are chomping through the resources of around 1.6 Earths a year. Yikes.


Now's the time for action. We can help you take it.


Yep, big problems need big solutions. Here’s the rub: governments and big businesses care when they see you care. So, while it's easy to think your everyday actions don't matter, they do. They're powerful. (And you can get more radical later, if you want to.) 

It’ll save you money, too. Good for the planet, good for you.

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